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AI Face swap

Interactive Experience

Applicable to various :

Event, Exhibition, Expo, Carnival, Annual Dinner,
Shopping Mall, Competition, Concert,
Theme Park, Festival, Seminar, Forum...

In Response to various Events, Exhibitions Marketers,

Organizers, Planners, Agencies and Brand Requested

Customize Tailor-made Exclusive Interactive Experience


AI Face Swap

Employing advanced AI Technology to Seamlessly Swap event Guests' faces in photos, Replacing them with different Faces for a Unique and Entertaining Visual Interactive Experience.


Add a Splash of fun to your event in a few easy Steps:


Step 1:

Select Portrait


Step 2:

Take Photo


Step 3:

Face Transformed!


Step 4:

Download Photo & Video

With AI Technology, Guests' Snap a photo and their Face will Seamlessy placed onto a Chosen Protrait. Available to Download the Photo and Video for Playful Enjoyment!

Exclusive Theme content available Designed according to customer Requirements


Interactive Digital Photo Booth

By Scanning the Event Entry QR-Code at the Digital Photo Booth, Guests' can Capture Moments against a Exclusive Personalized [ LED Wall ] Background.

By Enter the Guest exclusive Code at the Digital Photo Booth,

Guests' can Capture Moments against a Exclusive Personalized

[ LED TV Display / Kiosk ] Studio Photo Background.

Deliver an Immersive Event Interactive Experience with Web-AR.

Enriched with Playful AR elements for Extra Fun. Elevate engagement and Interaction by Seamlessly blending the Digital and Physical worlds, offering a Truly Memorable and Immersive Brand Experience.

Various Interactive Photography

Available Tailor-made Designed as Required

AR Photo Booth
AR Photo Booth

Museum & Exhibition Virtual Tour

Specially designed for Museums and various Exhibitions

Customized Mobile with 360 / AR / VR Virtual Tour

From eTicketing to Exhibition Info, Reservation, Schedule,

Audio Tour Guide, Photos & Video Gallery, Interactive Games