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Exclusive Event App • Web

Exhibitors & Visitors AI Business Matching
Exhibitors & Visitors Schedule Appointment

Events & Exhibitions Behaivor BigData
Events KPI Evaluation Analytics Report

Post-Event Thank you Email / SMS
Hybrid • Virtual Event Platform

Exclusive Event Mobile App

A long-run Mobile App for event guests to get regular updates, register events, earn rewards by joining activities, etc.

Event Menu, Message Announce, Guests Profile, Schedule, Sections Agenda, Travel Guide...

Event Sub-sections Update Info : RSVP, Time, Location, Agenda, Speaker Intro...

Event Photo Gallery Sharing, Group Chat Communications, Live Q&A / Polling

Exhibition Event Exclusive App support eTicketing, Venue Map, Multilingual Audio Tour Guide

Interactive Experience e.g. 360 Immersive VR Virtual Reality Tour, Interactive Games

Interactive AR Photo Booth Plug-in, Social Media Sharing, Gift Redemption

Exclusive Event Website

For event guests to quickly check out the Event Agenda, Speaker info, Photo and Video Gallery and other online RSVP, eTicketing & Interaction.

Exhibitors & Visitors
AI Business Matching & Schedule Appointment
Event Namecard Scanning

One-stop appointment system for On/Off- line Networking and Business Matching.

Cirtual expo
AI Business Matching

Multiple Representatives

Each exhibitor can register multiple staff members so that they can have focused meetings with selected guests.

Available Time Slot Setting

Both exhibitors and event guests have the right to initiate an online meeting, and can set their own available time slots for appointments.

Appointment Approval System

Inviters have the right to cancel the meeting, while the invited guests or exhibitors have the right to reject or confirm the meeting.

Business Card Exchange

Guests and exhibitors can create their own e-business card and exchange contact.


Events & Exhibitions Behaivor BigData Analytics
KPI Evaluation Analytics Report

Provide fruitful data analytics, like registration data, attendance record and guests' online footprint, for event oragnisers to review the event performance.

Big data Analytics Report

Capture guests' footprints and increase ROI for next events by RETARGETING the right group and hidden potential.

Hybrid • Virtual Event Platform

All-in-one virtual event platform for hosting online conferences and virtual exhibitions with different interactive features.


3D animated main lobby that allows event organiser to put different posters, graphics, videos, materials etc.

Main Lobby Exhibition Hall

Virtual Exhibition Platform

Virtual Booth

Unique virtual booths provide sponsors and exhibitors with an online space to market their products or services. 

Virtual Booth

Exhibitors are managed to control their own virtual booths without event planners to worry.

An Easy-to-Use Interface for Exhibitors to create and manage their own Booths. 

List out all exhibitors' virtual booths with filtering functions. A smart recommendation system is applied to auto recommend booths that guests are interested in.

Virtual Interface
Virtual Exhibition

1on1 Private Chat and call between the Exhibitor and Event Guest.

1on1 Chat

Multi-functional Q&A Box

Filter guests' questions before showing on the online event platform and push important messages throughout the event.

Live Polling

Create polling questions for guests to vote together with real-time animated results.

Multiple Video Language

Set the questions and voting options at backend and control the question that is currently displayed for guests to vote together.

Rate the Session

A pop up message/ window after for guests to rate immediately after each session ends.

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