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Annual Dinner

RSVP • eInvitation • eTicketing

Comprehensive Simplification of

Guest Invitation & Entry Check-In Process

The Event Journey for your Guests starting from :

  • RSVP Guest List Management
  • Customize eInvitation
  • Online Registration
  • eTicketing

A Truly One-stop tailored Solution equipped with comprehensive Customization options, so that various Event Marketers, Organizers, Planner, Agency or Brand Customers can manage Events Flexibly and Easily!

Including but not limited to Local or Overseas Event, Exhibition, Expo, Conference, Ceremonies, Seminar, Forum, Competition, Awards Presentation, Concert, Carnival, Annual Dinner, Shopping Mall...


Step 1: Invitation

Upload guest list to our registration system and mass invite email blasting to guests for registration.


Step 2: Registration

Guests complete the online registration (and ticket payment). Forms layout and functions are customisable.


Step 3: Confirmation

Registered guests receive a confirmation email with a unique QR code automatically or after approval.


Step 4: Reminder

Reminder email/SMS can be sent to guests automatically days before the event.


Customize Online Registration Form Reference

Efficiently organize RSVPs by Categorizing inculding : 

Guest as VIP, Speaker, Awardee, Invited Guests and General Public

Create registration forms with dynamic features: Enable on-demand functionalities such as online payment processing and quota control for a customisable registration experience.

Exclusive Customize Design, Support Multi Language and ePayment Gatewy Connect


ALL-IN-ONE eTicketing Solutions

Online eTicketing System applicable for etc. :
Concert, Carnival, Competition, Event, Exhibition, Expo, Conference, Seminar, Forum...


The system will generate a Unique Entry Pass QR-Code eTicket

with online Real Info Registration to effectively Prevent Fake Physical Tickets

Support eToken & eWallet Wristbands can Store

Guests & Organizer Cash Transaction Process to Increase Venue Consumption

Concert Carnival

Applicable for

Concert, Carnival, Festival...

Incorporate Payment Gateways such as Credit Card, PayPal, Stripe, and Global Payment directly into the Registration Form, enabling guests to seamlessly register and complete their transactions in a single, streamlined process.


Exclusive Customize Design Online eTicketing & ePayment Platform

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