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Event Check-In

Efficient Diversion Check-In

Real-time Traffic Monitoring

  • QR-Code • NFC • RFID
  • Venue Multi-Sections CheckIn
  • Name Badge Printing
  • Event Digital Survey Statistics
  • Giftaway Redemption
  • NFC • RFID - Wristbands eToken

Guest Show & Scan QR-Code for Entry

Guest Name Badge Print within a seconds after scan

NFC / RFID eToken Wristbands can save Guest & Organizers Cash transaction process also Increase Consumption inside the event


WOW your Guests at the event entrance with a
Speedy QR Code Check-In Solution


VVIP • Guest • Groups

Walk In

+Plus 1

Name Badge Printing

Auto Message Upon Arrival

Complete the event Check-In process within 2 seconds per guest by scanning the QR-Code with our EVENT-3.0 system.

Support checking in Multiple Registered guests who are friends or in the same group. Separate process different VVIP, Guest.

Register and check in the walk-in guests with our check-in app without the need of using additional systems.

Quickly register and check in for the friends of registered guests with traced records.

Auto print black and white name badge or on-demand colour for attendees upon Check-In.

Support sending message, e.g.: Welcome Notes, Table Number, Agenda...etc. To all Guests via email / SMS upon Check-In.

EPISODE EVENT 3.0 - Event Check-In Solutions

Streamline Event Attendance with Our Tablet / Mobile Check-In App! Scan Guests' QR-Code for efficient event attendance Tracking On-the-Go.


QR-Code Event Entry Pass


Name Badge Printing under Menu & Self Check-In

Effortless Guest Name Badge Print within a seconds after scan QR-Code

Save time by Eliminating the need for Pre-printing and Sifting through a Pile of badges to find the Right One.


Tailor-made difference : Sizes, Materials, and Colors of

Event Name Badges, Lanyards & Wristbands

Menu Check-In

Self Check-In

 NFC • RFID Wristbands - eToken eWallet

NFC or RFID Wristbands can storage Guests and Organizers Cash Transaction process for eToken & eWallet to Increase the Consumption inside the event


Tailor-made difference : Types, Designs, and Colors of

Event Wristbands with NFC or RFID chip


NFC • RFID Wristbands


Increase Consumption


Transaction Process

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