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Virtual Event Platform for 樂齡科技 GIES Online Summit

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

The Rise of Virtual Events

One of the purposes of organising events is to convene people in one particular places for particular objectives. Unfortunately, the outbreak of Covid 19 and the worldwide quarantine arrangements have been setting people apart. However, "event" never dies. Event organisers have been seeking for alternatives and finally they have worked it out successfully by changing the mode of events - from physical events to virtual events.

How Digital Solutions Help

The idea of virtual events is brilliant, but at the same time it is a hard challenge for every event organiser. Virtual event means bringing events and their event guests online, which definitely requires digital solutions and knowledge to make the virtual event happen. Therefore, here comes to different digital solutions e.g. live streaming and online event platforms, that help bringing guests around the world together.

A One-stop Virtual Event Platform for GIES Online Summit

Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit has been held in Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre since 2017.

In 2020, due to the pandemic, the event organiser decided to hold the event both online and offline. EPISODE, as a trusted partner of the organiser, developed an online event platform for the first GIES Online Summit. Event guests were able to watch the webinars online without the constraint of geographical boundary. Simultaneous translation also allowed guests to select their preferable language while watching the webinar.

The Virtual Interaction between Event Organiser & Their Guests

Event guests could raise questions and share their opinions with the speakers and the other audience. As the summit was a public event, our platform provided flexibility to the event organiser on the publication of questions raised by event guests, so as to avoid any inappropriate words or messages. Meanwhile, the event organiser could also publish instant messages to their guests and ask for a real-time rating for each webinar.

A Customisable Virtual Event Platform for Your Events

EPISODE understands that every event is unique. Therefore, we provide customisation services to event organisers. Both the platform layout and functions can be tailor-made according to the event theme and the actual needs.

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