EPISODE virtual exhibition platform -
A win-win solution for event planners, sponsors, exhibitors and event guests.

Main Lobby

3D animated main lobby that allows event organiser to put different posters, graphics, videos, materials etc.

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Exhibition Hall

List out all exhibitors' booths with filtering functions. A smart recommendation system is applied to auto recommend booths that guests are interested in.

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Virtual Booth

Unique virtual booths provide sponsors and exhibitors with an online space to market their products or services. 

Multiple Representatives

Each exhibitor can register multiple staff members so that they can have focused meetings with selected guests.

Time Slot Setting

Both exhibitors and event guests have the right to initiate an online meeting, and can set their own available time slots for appointments.

Approval System

Inviters have the right to cancel the meeting, while the invited guests or exhibitors have the right to reject or confirm the meeting.

One-stop appointment system for
online networking and
business matching.

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1-1 Private chat and call between the exhibitor and event guest.

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Online Chat & Video Call

In-built video call function on the platform that streamline the whole communication from chatting, making appointment to online meeting.

Rate the Meeting

Both exhibitors and guests can evaluate and rate the meeting immediately after the meeting ends.

Business Card Exchange

Guests and exhibitors can create their own e-business card and exchange contact.

An easy-to-use interface for exhibitors to create and manage their own booths. 

Exhibitors are managed to control their own virtual booths without event planners to worry.

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Capture guests' footprints and increase ROI for next events by RETARGETING the right group and hidden potential.