The digital journey for organisers and guests.

Event Registration System.


Organisers upload their guest list to our system and send out evite to guests for registration.


Guests complete the registration (and ticket payment) online. Forms layout and functions are customisable.


Registered guests will receive a confirmation email with a unique QR code automatically or after approval.


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Reminder email/SMS can be sent to guests automatically days before the event.

Onsite check in app.


Complete the event check in process within 2 seconds per guest by scanning the QR code with our check in app.


Support checking in multiple registered guests who are friends or in the same group.

walk in

Register and check in the walk-in guests with our check-in app without the need of using additional systems.

plus 1

Quickly register and check in for the friends of registered guests with traced records.

Badge printing

Auto print black and white badges or on-demand color badges for attendees upon check-in.

Auto Message upon check in

Support sending message, e.g. welcome notes, table number, agenda etc. to guests via email/SMS upon check-in.

Bring fun to your guests with

digital solutions. 

Live Q&A

Live Polling


Lucky draw

Photo wall