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Effortless Events Begin Here:

E-Register, QR Check, Engage!

Explore our comprehensive event management software and solutions tailored for a diverse range of events, including but not limited to annual dinners, cocktail parties, conferences, ceremonies, exhibitions. Our clients span across government departments, associations, corporations, and multinational brands, among others. 

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Dedicated IT solutions to your events.

Physical Event

event management software for physical event
virtual exhibition platform

Virtual Exhibition

Online Conference

online conference platform with live streaming service
digital event interaction solution to enhance event experience

Event Interaction

Overview of our IT solutions for events.

Mass Email Blasting

blasting mass invitation email through system

Blast out e-invitation, confirmation and reminder emails to guests in batch.

 Online Registration System
develop a tailor-made online registration system

Create registration forms with dynamic features: Enable on-demand functionalities such as online payment processing and quota control for a customisable registration experience.

QR code check in app
QR code Check in

Streamline Event Attendance with Our Tablet/Mobile Check-In App! Scan guests' QR codes for efficient event attendance tracking on-the-go.

Name Badge Printing
badge printing

Effortless name badge printing upon guest arrival in seconds! Save time by eliminating the need for pre-printing and sifting through a pile of badges to find the right one.

Digital Lucky Draw

Randomly pick single or multiple winner(s) out of the checked-in guests with rolling animation.

live Q&A
Live Q&A/Polling

For guests to ask questions online or vote for the questions with real-time results. 

AI Photo Booth

Infusing event guests' unique expressions into a chosen portrait using cutting-edge AI machine learning techniques.

web AR
Web/App AR

Bring the virtual objects (it can be the company products or anything related to event theme) to real world for event guest to interact. 

Event Website

For event guests to quickly check out the event agenda, speaker info, photo gallery and other online interaction.

event mobile app
Event Mobile App

A long-run mobile app for event guests to get regular updates, register events, earn rewards by joining activities, etc .

Virtual Event Platform

All-in-one virtual event platform for hosting online conferences and virtual exhibitions with different interactive features.

data analytics for event performance
Data Analytics

Provide fruitful data analytics, like registration data, attendance record and guests' online footprint, for event oragnisers to review the event performance.

Our Clients

EPISODE has been providing event management software and customised solutions to clients in Bangkok, Barcelona, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo, and more.  
Wherever you are, we are there to support.

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