An all-in-one
virtual event platform that covers anything you need for an online event. 



Built according to event theme and branding.



Higher resolution and smoothness.

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Feasible to create different composition of scenes and develop on-demand features.



Accommodate hundreds and thousands of guests with high performance server.

Count down &
Personal login

Registered guests receive a confirmation email with the link and dedicated password of the online event platform.

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Agenda page

Real-time tags, e.g. session ended, watch now, coming soon, for each session, so that late joiners know which session they are attending.

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Speaker page

Pop up window to display the speaker's biography in details.

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Q&A Box

Filter guests' questions before showing on the online event platform and push important messages throughout the event.

Live Polling

Create polling questions for guests to vote together with real-time animated results.

Video Language

Set the questions and voting options at backend and control the question that is currently displayed for guests to vote together.

Rate the Session

A pop up message/ window after for guests to rate immediately after each session ends.

Watch live and participate.

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Cloud-based live broadcasting.

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Video Production

Real-time video integration and editing, e.g. adding videos from overseas participants, any pictures and videos, special effects, etc.

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Support simultaneous broadcasting on different social platforms or private customised event platform, and set up dedicated bandwidth in the Mainland.




Live video player and streaming website are put on cloud platform to ensure high performance and stability with failover.

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Speed Acceleration

Leverage CDN on the streaming website and diverse viewers between main and backup server.


Online viewers show support with
live emoji response.