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Your SMART plan includes :

Emails and form development. 

Unlimited email credits.

Registration Form Setting.

Base on the template of invitation email, registration form, confirmation email and reminder email to provide us design and content. We will then start develop.

The plans includes total 50,000 email credits for 2 events, including invitation, confirmation and reminder emails. Additional email credit: USD 0.1 per credit

✔︎ dedicated registration link to each guest sent  through invitation email
✔︎ include 4 predefined fields: First name, last name, email address and contact number
✔︎ include additional 6 on-demand field boxes / drop down menu / check boxes
✔︎ single language
✔︎ set compulsory / optional fields

Personalise the domain.

Confirmation SMS.

Streamlined registration process with check-in app.

Real-time report.

Dedicated customer support.

Option A: Use a new domain (Recommended)

  • We will take care of it for you. Just send an email to your account manager and tell us the domain name you want.

Option B: Use your own domain

  • We will provide Cname records for your IT to enter in your domain name manager.

The package includes total 2000 SMS credits for 2 events and you can customise the sender ID* (maximum 11 alphanumeric characters)
*Subject to the countries/regions policy.

Registered guests receive a confirmation email with a unique QR code. Scan it with our check-in app on your iPad or mobile devices for taking a speedy attendance.

A secure login for you to download the report in excel format. The report shows:
✔︎ guest data filled in registration form
✔︎ the registration date and time
✔︎ attendance date and time
✔︎ any details that you need...

A dedicated account manager is reserved for providing in-depth training of our software and handling all of your technical inquiries. 

Select 1 interactive activity to enhance your event experience. 

Live polling.

✔︎ web-based platform
✔︎ unlimited multiple choice questions
✔︎ start the polling at specific time

✔︎ real-time result presented in bar or pie chart format
✔︎ export the polling result in excel format

Live Q&A.

✔︎ web-based platform
✔︎ let people send the questions they want to hear  answer
✔︎ a backend for you to filter the questions to be shown on screen

✔︎ export questions collected in excel format

Digital lucky draw.

✔︎ an iPad application
✔︎ custom background and drawing button

✔︎ display single or multiple winner(s) per each draw
✔︎ display maximum three information of the winner
✔︎ rolling animation
✔︎ set the rolling time from 1 to 10

✔︎ export drawing results in excel format

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