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Once I subscribe a plan,
what is next?

Frequently Asked Question.

1. How long will it take to complete the RSVP development?

  • Once we receive the design and content, it will take 3 days for setting up a set of invitation email, registration form and confirmation email.

2. What is the design specification for email and form?

  • Top banner for email: Width 680px ; Height 250px

  • ​Top banner for form: Width 740px ; Height 250px

  • Provide outlined AI file

3. Can I decide the font type in emails and form?

  • You can send us the font file and we will adopt it to the emails and registration form. However, the outcome in emails may vary due to the constraint set by different email service providers (e.g. Gmail, outlook, hotmail etc.).

4. Can I decide what data to be collected in registration form?

  • The plan includes maximum10 field boxes / drop down menu / check boxes. You can decide the field names.

5. Can I set the registration deadline?

  • Yes.

6. Can I add guests and send another batch of invitation after sending the first batch?

  • Yes, we do not have limitation of the email credits, which means you can keep uploading new guests to the system and send out invitation email.

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