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Kaleidoscope Drawing App for Swire Properties White Christmas Street Fair 2022

Christmas is a joyful festival that brings people together. Every Christmas, there are lots of street fairs attracting people to take photos, consume, and have fun. This year, EPISODE was delighted to take part in Swire Properties White Christmas Street Fair by providing digital interactive solutions.

Spending around 1.5 months, we managed to provide technical advices to the event organiser from UI/UX to actual functionalities, and develop a custom tablet application for Swire White Christmas Street Fair 2022.

It's Just a Fun App for Everyone

The tablet application is for people to draw their desirable forms of Kaleidoscope. People can select different types of pens, stroke colours and filled colours, and start drawing with their own creativity and imagination.

After drawing, their own Kaleidoscope will be projected to a large mirror tunnel, where people can take photos with it and experience a Kaleidoscope world.

Building Your Own Event App

In the world of digitalisation, people are making use of different apps to get information and entertainment. Therefore, building an "event app" becomes a trend for event organisers. It can simply be an informative app for attendees to receive event information, an interactive app for attendees to connect with others, or a multi-functional app.

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