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Integrating with Campus Entrance QR code system

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Stricter entry checking

Due to the Covid-19, there is a stricter entry policy for campuses. Visitors are required to fill in online health declaration form and to present QR code generated by the school for scanning when entering the campus.

However, it causes clumsy procedures for event guests

Recently, we provided one-stop RSVP management and QR code check-in solution for an event that was held at campus. However, experience told us that this would created confusion to the event attendees when they received one QR code for entering campus, and then another QR code for attending the event. Moreover, event attendees have to fill in the health declaration form twice for both campus entering and event attendance.

A streamlined checking procedure is needed

To avoid such a clumsy process, we have provided a streamlined solution to our client:

  1. Guests register the event.

  2. Registered guests receive an event confirmation email sent from our Event Management System with a dedicated QR code and online health declaration form link (Both QR code and health declaration form link are generated by the client side).

  3. During the event date, guests complete the health declaration form and present the QR code on the event confirmation email at the campus entrance.

  4. The campus entrance system can verify if the guests have filled in the health declaration form.

  5. When guests reach the reception of the event venue, they only need to present the same QR code for attendance tracking.

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